How to Register for Agency Work and Get Placed ASAP

There has never been more agency work available for healthcare professionals. Whilst the shortage of staff in the sector can mean teams are stretched, it also means there’s greater choice and better rates for those who are comfortable with working varied and flexible shifts at different facilities when and where they are needed. This gives you the chance to choose your roster, work hard on your shift and switch off when you’re not working.

How to be shift-ready quickly

All agencies have different compliance standards. Led by nurses and healthcare staff, YNA ensures our staff have the qualifications, experience and competencies to be prepared for all the ins and outs of a healthcare shift. We aim to make our application process as quick and smooth as possible.

Here are some ways to be prepared for when you decide to apply, and get into the shifts that you want sooner:

1. Submit a resume

Make sure it includes the date you completed your qualification (MM/YY) and details of your employment history, including start (MM/YY) and finish dates (MM/YY) with each employer, your job title and whether the role was part-time, full-time or casual.

If you don’t have a current resume, include a cover letter with details of your recent employment that may be missing from your resume.

2. Gather copies of relevant compliance documentation

Including Police Clearance, Working with Children Check, NDIS worker screening checks, and most importantly, an AHPRA registration.

3. Competencies

Have evidence of any current competencies, including Basic Life Support and Manual Handling.

4. Referees

Provide details of two referees who have supervised you in the last two years, including their name, position, organisation, phone number, and email address. Let them know to expect our call.

If you don’t have a current Police Check or evidence of recent competencies, we’re still keen to get you on board, it just might take a few extra days.

It’s never too early to start the joining process! Contact your friendly, local team on 13 10 99 or join online