From Surviving to Thriving in Healthcare in Just a Few Steps

Being of service to others is what attracts many people to the healthcare industry. The ability to say that you cared for someone who needed your help, saved a life or brought a new one into the world provides many healthcare professionals with satisfaction that they have chosen the right career path. However, for those in this profession, the desire to help, especially during a global pandemic, can prove to be a vulnerability.

Nurses, midwives and carers of the modern age are facing burnout and stress-related health issues at unprecedented levels. The inability to stop and care for yourself is an important aspect of caregiving, that is often ignored. As a professional in this sector, you know only too well the symptoms of burnout. If you feel you’re headed in that direction, read our tips to stop surviving and begin thriving.

Work towards changing your mindset

The first step is recognising that your actions and thought patterns around your self-care need to change. It will take time to understand and process the fact that self-care is just as important as patient care. The ability to step away from work It is far from selfish and more about being selfless.

Find ways to engage with yourself and those important to you

No matter the professional mindset, every individual is unique and enjoys different activities or hobbies for self-fulfilment. Give yourself the time and space to discover and revel in the things that bring you joy. Try some new activities to challenge yourself. Set aside a day and time to meet up with your family or friends to reconnect with your community. Maintaining those connections will help you to feel supported.

Meditate and build up your immunity

Meditation is being prescribed as the modern antidote to dealing with, not only stress but pain management. If you have never tried it before, there are plenty of resources that can help you get started with the basics, including videos on YouTube or podcasts. With a little practice, many have found meditation to be fulfilling and emotionally energizing. This, in turn, will build up immunities in your body subconsciously. Setting aside 10 minutes of your day to do this can change your outlook and breathe new energy into the remainder of your day.

Eat healthily and make time to exercise

When failing to make yourself a priority, the first casualty is often your health. Poor food choices or no meals at all substituted by endless cups of coffee, can pack on the stress instantly. By eating simple, healthy meals and exercising a few times a week you’re giving your body the chance to repair and regenerate itself. Meal prepping is a great way to get ready for the busy week ahead without having to think about what you will eat each day.