8 Ways a Healthcare Recruitment Company Can Save You Time

Eight Ways To Save Your Time

When searching for your perfect nursing job for your working holiday in Australia, one option could be to call and email a variety of different employers with your CV. In a huge cosmopolitan hub like Sydney, there are hospitals and health services galore, but trying to contact each and every one of them will be a frustrating, time consuming task. Why not make your life a little easier and use the services of a healthcare recruitment company instead? Here are eight ways that a recruitment agent could save you valuable time:

Why Use a Healthcare Recruitment Agency

  • Access to a wider network
  • An agency will work on your behalf
  • They’ll offer you variety
  • Flexibility to enjoy your free time
  • Free training and career advancement
  • Timely recruitment process
  • Focused on healthcare workers
  • Better chance to find a job
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Access To A Wider Network

A recruitment agency will have a whole host of contacts that are looking for healthcare and nursing staff so you’re likely to have your pick of jobs to apply for. Finding employees can also be a time consuming task for hospitals and large healthcare organisations so rather than advertising individual job openings themselves they are more likely to partner up with an agency who can do all the legwork for them. As a job seeker, you’ll go through a pre-screening process with an agency too which will be to your advantage, as the employer will know that you’re work-ready.

An Agency Will Work On Your Behalf

There’s nothing worse than going through the job hunting process, to then have to go through the dreaded salary negotiations with your potential employer. Healthcare recruitment agents are aware of the value of nursing skills and specialities so most of the salary negotiations will have already taken place before the job is even advertised, so you won’t need even need to worry about it.

They Will Offer You Variety

Rather than being stuck in the same job for your entire working holiday you may want to open yourself up to a variety of opportunities.  Working with a recruitment agency is great for this as you’ll have access to all sorts of temporary nursing positions.  It could mean working in a wide range of locations across Sydney, or you could even request a position further afield if you want to expand your travels further.   Finding these positions yourself could be a logistical nightmare so let the agency handle it, and all you’ll have to worry about is your travel arrangements.

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Flexibility To Enjoy Your Free Time

A working holiday in Sydney shouldn’t be all work and no play so you’ll want to make sure you’ve got plenty of time to explore your surroundings and enjoy the amazing lifestyle on offer in Australia. As with most nursing jobs, you’ll typically have to work your fair share of unsociable shifts but with most permanent roles you’re unlikely to get a choice in your hours. By using a recruitment agency, you can dictate when you want to work. Just let them know when you are available to work, and they’ll find the shifts to fit in with that, allowing you the flexibility to spend more time enjoying your new life in Sydney.