Regional and Remote Spotlight – Tracey

Meet Tracey, a passionate Personal Care Worker who has taken a path less travelled in her profession. After a two-year break, Tracey decided to reunite with YNA, a decision she’s not regretted. This journey of reconnection isn’t just about stepping back into familiar territory; it’s about rediscovering the joy and freedom that her work offers along with travel.

Within a few days of her return to YNA, an assignment in the picturesque region of Broome was waiting for Tracey. This was not just an opportunity for paid work, but also to explore, learn, and grow. Every day has been rewarding for Tracey since then, filled with meaningful work and new experiences. In her own words, she is having the ‘BEST time’. This feeling of joy is coupled with the unique sense of freedom and control over her time that agency work provides, something that she had almost forgotten during her hiatus.

Looking ahead, Tracey is all set to turn her work into a continuous adventure. She’s made a firm decision to confine her work to Regional and Remote areas. Why, you may ask? Well, Tracey is not one to stay content with the ordinary. She seeks to soak in as many new sights as possible and indulge in novel experiences.

Join us as we follow Tracey’s inspiring journey, where every new day is a chance to learn, earn and explore. Her story is a testament to the fact that when passion meets profession, the boundaries blur, making every day an exciting expedition.