Looking for a rewarding role?

Peter, one of our esteemed personal care workers at YNA, has graciously shared his remarkable journey with us. Having dedicated the past 7-8 years to YNA, Peter has found immense fulfillment in his role as a care worker, primarily assisting elderly individuals in the community. Whether it’s accompanying them for shopping trips or simply spending quality time over a cup of coffee, Peter’s commitment to providing compassionate care shines through.

One memory that stands out for Peter was the regular fishing trips he had organized with the elderly individuals from a nursing home, an activity that brought them tremendous joy and excitement. By taking them out of their familiar environments, Peter provided a refreshing change and created cherished memories. These unconventional job responsibilities, such as going fishing or playing 8-ball, pleasantly surprised Peter, showcasing the diverse and enjoyable aspects of care work.

Peter’s journey into the realm of care work began when he concurrently worked for three different companies. Determined to enhance his skills and knowledge in the field, he completed a ten-month schooling program, obtaining his certificate three at the age of 48. Now at 60 years old, Peter believes it’s never too late to pursue a career that brings genuine joy and satisfaction.

When Peter was offered a permanent position at YNA, he eagerly embraced the opportunity. As a result, he now enjoys working with the same clients consistently, providing a sense of continuity and building strong relationships. Furthermore, YNA has contributed positively to Peter’s lifestyle by offering flexible working arrangements, aligning perfectly with his preferences.

Reflecting on his time at YNA, Peter emphasizes the company’s exceptional support. Their professionalism has greatly impressed Peter, reinforcing his belief that YNA is an outstanding company to work for. Working as a care worker at YNA has allowed Peter to make a meaningful impact on the lives of others, bringing comfort and companionship to those who need it most. Peter’s journey serves as an inspiration for those seeking a career path that combines purpose, flexibility, and a sense of fulfillment. His story highlights the immense value of care work and the transformative experiences it can offer, both for the care worker and the individuals they assist.

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