Choose YNA as your Work Partner

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The hunt for jobs is hot right now and many job seekers have turned to agencies to take advantage of the flexibility they provide and have more control of their lifestyle and work arrangements. Historically, agency work was a common choice among people considering their next role, or who loved earning more for the same work hours. It’s also been a mainstay for people who’ve had a career break and want to ‘test the water’ before committing to more traditional employment.

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Statistics show the Healthcare and Social Assistance industry is anticipated to have the highest level of employment growth in the coming years. Employers are experiencing staff shortages in all areas of healthcare, and employees are really in the driver’s seat. Increasingly, many Australian healthcare professionals are choosing agency work as a long-term career choice. Agency work enables you to change your availability anywhere, anytime, earn casual rates and pick up the type of work you want – and nothing you don’t.

If you are a Registered Nurse, Enrolled Nurse, Personal Care Worker, Aged Care, or Disability Support Worker, choose YNA as your go-to agencyto find the work-life balance you’ve been searching for.

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If you thought the work/travel life was reserved for gap-year students, you might be pleased to hear that the new kid on the block is the agency employee. Enjoy the flexibility of trying different facilities, locations, cities and even states. Regional work is always in demand, so perhaps it’s time for a sea or tree change? Anything is possible when you don’t have the pressure of a permanent full-time roster, but you do have the peace of mind of abundant shifts for the taking.

Explore the country and be paid! Imagine working in the trendy city of Adelaide one week, and with the press of a button, you’re off to beautiful Kangaroo Island. Or how about Far North Queensland? With YNA’s many branches across Australia, it’s possible right now.

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Starting your journey with a 100% Australian-owned and operated healthcare agency like YNA means you’ll be offered a range of incentives. When you join the YNA family, you will be eligible for a joining bonus and will be kitted out with your free uniform and your unique ID badge along with login details to access the YNA portal and YNA App.  The flexible working experience starts immediately, enabling you to update your availability, request and accept shifts, anywhere, anytime. You’ll then earn above award rates and be paid weekly. The YNA team of experienced health professionals are available to provide ongoing support whenever you need them. Be rewarded for referring colleagues and make lifelong friends you can explore the country with, securing shifts at the tap of a button.


It’s time to rethink how you work and who you entrust with your precious time. Put your highly sought-after skill set front and centre and gain employment close to home or all over the country, while meeting and working with great people. Make YNA your work partner today and enjoy the choice, variety and independence that agency work provides.